Have you been feeling like you do the same date all the time?

I have been going on dates with my husband for more than 7 years now and I look forward to them every single time. Before kids entered the picture, we went on dates constantly, but they would fall into your typical categories. You know what I’m talking about: dinner and/or a movie. Don’t get me wrong, I love those dates, but sometimes you need to mix things up.

When we had our first son for about three months or so dates became non-existent. Looking back I can’t believe we didn’t go on at least once a month. But we were stressed and tired from being new parents that we didn’t see the need. Also, I had a hard time wanting to leave my sweet son.

To strengthen our relationship, we decided that we needed at least one date a month. While dinner and a movie sounded nice, we want to do something different. I mean up until our date all we did was hang out with a baby. So we began to look into options that we normally avoided. For example, taking advantage of living in a city like Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas has so many unique shows, restaurants, or activities that it opened the door to new experiences.

Investing in our relationship and has made such a positive change to our relationship. I feel like at least once a month we can disconnect from parent mode for a little bit and reconnect as husband and wife.

To help all you lovely folks, I have compiled a list of date ideas that you can do that will mix things up.

Most of these we have done ourselves and others are part of our own list that we are currently working through. In general, my list includes ideas that can be done no matter where you live. Feel free to take an idea and add your own twist to it. That is pretty much what we did when looking for new date night ideas.

Now let’s find your next unique date.

Outdoor Date Ideas:

1. Picnic in the park at night.

2. Hiking (check out the state parks or unique locations near your home).

3. Picnic in the mountains.

4. Floating down the river.

5. Tour a vineyard.

unique date night ideas to mix things up

6. Tour a brewery.

7. Volunteer for a charity

So this may not seem like the best of date nights, but you get to do something good for others and you both feel really good about yourselves. If you like animals and your local shelter has a dog walking program, you could enjoy a walk with a new furry friend.

8. Sign up for a charity marathon.

A lot of marathons will let you walk if you are not a runner and walking is definitely more my speed. This also gets you out and active, which is always something my husband and I are trying to do.

9. Visit a national park.

10. Rent a kayak and enjoy the water.

11. Go to a game (choose any sport your city has access to).

12. Getaway from the city and look for shooting stars.

Make sure to check online for the best times to view them.

13. Visit a zoo or animal sanctuary (if your city has one that treats their animals with respect).

14. City scavenger hunt

15. Night hike

A lot of national parks have specific night hikes you can join. Be sure to check them out. If you are not an experienced hiker, I would not recommend hiking at night without a professional guide.

16. Check out a local carnival, music festival, or food festival.

unique date nights

unique date ideas to mix things up

Indoor Date Ideas:

17. Try a celebrity-owned restaurant.

Our first date after having Charlie was to try Gordon Ramsey’s Burger. While on maternity leave I got hooked onto his show “Kitchen Nightmares” and wanted to give his restaurant a try. We chose Burger because it was the least expensive and they had a creme brulee milkshake. Now we only have one more restaurant left to complete our Tour de Gordon Ramsey, Hell’s Kitchen. Check out a well-known chef’s restaurant, because the food is one of a kind.

18. Go bowling.

No skill needed and it is so much fun. For a twist on this idea make it crazy bowling. Sometime before you begin to play, designate each turn with a unique or crazy task. For instance, in the first round you have to bowl with your eyes closed and then the second round you have to throw between your legs. There are so many possibilities.

unique date night ideas

19. Sign up for a couples cooking class.

20. Try food or a restaurant you found on Instagram or Facebook (don’t forget to film your own experience trying the food).

21. Karaoke.

22. Afternoon Tea.

I know this might seem like more of a girl’s gathering instead of a date location, but my husband ended up really enjoying doing afternoon tea. It reminded us of our trip to London.

23. Go to a Broadway show.

unique date nights

24. Visit an aquarium (if your city has one that treats their animals with respect).

25. Roller skating.

26. Play games at an arcade.

27. Do an art or DIY class (like the paint and wine workshops)

28. Find a fondue restaurant for a unique spin on dinner.

I love dinner dates that don’t fit the norm. My husband and I within the past year had fondue for dinner for the first time and it was amazing. So even if you don’t choose fondue for a date night, search for a restaurant that is very different than the norm.

29. Check out a museum.

30. Go to a comedy show.

Like I said above, I love figuring out what our next date is going to be.

Seven years have passed and we are still finding ways to keep the romance strong. I truly believe that going on dates is one of the best ways to invest in your relationship. Want to have some fun conversation starters to create a unique date? Download your FREE Date Night Conversation Starter Set

These are a great way to generate deep and/or fun discussions on one of your many future dates. There will always be something new to learn about someone, even if you have known them for a long time.

Check out my post in regards to how You Can Keep Your Relationship Strong After Having Kids. Investing in your relationship through dates is only one way to have a strong relationship with your significant other.

Have you been on any unique dates that were not mentioned in the list above? Tell me about them in the comments below!

Happy Days –

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