Mother’s day is a special day to celebrate mom.

And just because the whole world is in quarantine and stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t make it a special day. It is very easy to make a quarantine mother’s day. Social distancing doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate mom and everything she does for you. I think one of the best things about quarantine is that it has forced us to look at doing special moments differently and realizing they are just as special.

quarantine mother's day

So let’s celebrate mom! Use everything that you have at your disposal. This means grabbing all the decorations that you can make or reuse, search the internet for some fun games, and let’s get started on creating this Quarantine Mother’s Day the best one ever. 

Before we begin, I have prepared a Mother’s Day Planner to help you plan the best Quarantine Mother’s Day. This guide was specifically created to help you figure out how you want to show your mom how much she means to you. It also comes with a list of fun activities you can do with mom! Download the FREE guide and get started on a wonderful Quarantine Mother’s Day!

quarantine mother's day

FREE Mother's Day Planner

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    Step 1: Let’s brainstorm!

    quarantine mother's day

    Write down at least 5 ideas of what mom likes to do on special occasions. It could be anything. Here are some ideas to get you started.

    Favorite things:

    • Favorite meal (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert)
    • Favorite restaurant
    • Favorite movie (or one of them if she has many like me)
    • Favorite drink
    • Favorite music

    Stuff she likes to do:

    • Hiking
    • Picnicking
    • Walking 
    • Arts and crafts
    • Singing
    • Video games
    • Gardening
    • Board/card games
    • Riding bicycles
    • Reading
    • Baking

    Ask yourself some simple questions. What makes her happy? What does she like to do in her free time? What are some of her favorite things to do with the family? What are the activities that we can do while in quarantine?

    Step 2: Plan your Mother’s Day Celebration

    Now that you have thought of some of her favorite things it’s time to use them to create a special day. Don’t try to cram everything in. Instead, choose 3-6 things from your list. Choose ones that can be combined into one or two events. 

    quarantine mother's day

    For example, you could plan to do a morning bike ride or walk around the neighborhood and then have a picnic. The food for the picnic could be one of her favorite meals and then have one of her favorite drinks to go with it.  

    What if you can’t celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom in person?

    Then it is time to plan a virtual Quarantine Mother’s Day. Yes, it is still possible to celebrate with your mom, but it will just have to be a little different than normal. Because this makes this a little more complicated (if you plan on surprising your mom) then you might need to include in the planning phase. It will make things a lot easier on yourself and you can keep some parts of the plan secret. 

    quarantine mother's day

    For example, you could make sure she is available from 10-11 in the morning, but surprise her with a special delivery. 

    Need some nifty ideas to celebrate your Quarantine Mother’s Day virtually?

    Then check out this list:

    • Prepare her a care package (this could include something you baked or a gift you made)
    • Order food to be delivered to her
    • Have a gift mailed to her (but keep in mind delivery dates with how shipping has been lately…if possible have it delivered the day before but tell your mom not to open it yet)
    • Video chat (Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp)
    • Drop off the homemade meal at her house
    • Drop off a gift at her house
    • Send a cute video

    As you can see there are a lot of possibilities that make for a wonderful virtual Mother’s Day celebration.

    Step 3: Get everything prepared.

    That means making sure you have everything you need at least a week before Mother’s Day. Now I say a week because shipping isn’t what it used to be since we all started quarantining. So plan accordingly. Giving yourself plenty of time to get everything will allow you to adjust your plans if need be. 

    quarantine mother's day

    Step 4: Have a great Mother’s Day!

    All that is left is to celebrate mother’s day with your mom! That means taking a moment to forget how crazy life is right now and just enjoy each other. Appreciate the mom(s) in your life by having a great time and creating beautiful memories in a frustrating period of our lives.

    Are you ready to have a wonderful Quarantine Mother’s Day?

    quarantine mother's day

    I hope this has helped you plan a special Mother’s Day while everyone is stuck at home. I know this is difficult for everyone, but finding small ways to enjoy life is incredibly important. While we may not be happy about being in quarantine, we should celebrate those special moments. 

    Did this help you plan a special 2020 Quarantine Mother’s Day with your mom and family? What did you do to celebrate? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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