Looking for gift ideas for the new mom in your life?

Finding a gift for the new mom can sometimes really difficult. You want it to be unique but also something she can use. The good news is that there are a lot of things you can give as a gift.

There are classic items like a coffee mug that have been updated to look modern and have fun sayings. And there are new items I bet you didn’t even think about like cell phone camera accessories.

The best part about this list is that almost all of these gifts can be used for any mom you know, whether they have a new baby or theirs are older.

The gift ideas below are perfect for birthdays, baby showers, mother’s day, or any occasion you want!

All of these gifts are $50 or less with a  majority of them being less. Remember it is not about the cost of the gift, but rather the thought that went into choosing it. It shows that you can and that is what really matters.

So let’s get started in finding the perfect gift for the new mom in your life!

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1. Coffee Mugs

These are a classic and thoughtful gift to give new moms. Most are ready to enjoy their cup of coffee or tea without the worry of it hurting their baby’s development. This is also a great gift for the new moms who had their baby in fall or winter. Who doesn’t love to enjoy a hot beverage while home with their little one? 

2. Travel Mugs

These follows coffee mugs, but they are a fantastic gift for the mobile mama. The one who likes to get out and move. Maybe they love to take their new bundle on walks or are running errands! Travel mugs are also perfect for the mom who will have to go back to work soon. It is a sweet reminder of why they are working so hard.

3. Mom-Themed Books

Teaching your children the love of reading is a great gift for both mom and baby. Help the new mom in your life start building a beautiful 1st library for their new baby.

4. Letters To Your Baby Books

So many thoughts and feelings are happening to new moms and what better way to capture them than with letters their child will one-day read.

5. Motivational Jewelry

Becoming a new mom will be one of the hardest jobs and sometimes it is nice to have a little reminder that you can do it! Give this to the new mom who wants to look cute and always know that she has got this thing called motherhood!

6. Sentimental Jewelry

A beautiful reminder that you have earned the title of mom and carry that love with you everywhere.

7. Picture Frames

What better way them to commemorate mom and new baby then by using one of those thousands of photos she has already taken. Trust she has taken a lot of photos. I did with both of my babies. It’s sweet and will be used constantly.

8. Mom-Motivational Artwork

Let’s motivate mom to stay strong when she is dealing with a fussy kid or she just wants a reminder that she can do anything! Create your own or find one you like. It can be funny, sweet, or both. The possibilities are endless.

9. Wine Bottle Labels

Create motherhood milestones with these cute wine bottle labels. It is a great way for mom to feel a little like her old self while also enjoying the moments of motherhood.

10. At-Home Spa Day

There is this weird thing that happens with a lot of new moms and it comes from not being able to get a lot of sleep. We stop taking care of ourselves. So treat the new moms (or any mom) to a wonderful at-home spa day! Create a little bundle or buy one that is already made. I bet you that the new mom will love feeling pampered!

11. Massager

A massage makes anyone feel better, but one where the new mom doesn’t have to get up and move is even better. She is going to be so sore those first few months (because giving birth to a baby is not easy) and she won’t feel like getting out a lot. This solves both of the problems. Give her the gift of relaxing!

12. Soy Wax Candles

Who doesn’t love candles and these are great for homes with a baby. The candles below use soy wax and don’t have the toxic chemicals in them. Plus the labels are super cute!

13. Mom-Themed Clothes

Give the gift of looking good and proud to be a mom! Find the shirt that fits the new mom’s style and make her feel confident in her new body.

13. Mom and Baby Matching Set

Here is the gift the hits two birds with one stone. Not only is there a gift for the baby, but you are also getting something mom will love. It sounds like a win-win! So let’s start the matching outfits right away and get some cute pictures. 

14. Cell Phone Camera Accessories

This is perfect for any mom, but especially new moms because I guarantee they will be taking a ton of pictures. Give the gift of endless beautiful photos.

15. Flowers/Plants

Let’s end this list on another classic that will bring a smile to many people’s faces. There are a lot of ways you can do this. You can either stick with a beautiful bouquet or give her a packet of seeds (if she likes to garden) or give her a potted plant that doesn’t take much work. A little green will give her home a fresh look and is a simple thoughtful gift!

Did you find the gift you want to give or were you inspired by this list?

Tell me about it in the comments below! I wish you the best of luck and I hope the new mom loves what you choose.

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