So I know not every woman likes to shop, but there’s something fun about buying maternity clothes. Maybe it is about finding a way of making you feel so beautiful about yourself. Or maybe it’s the joy of finding outfits that shout out to the world that you are carrying a sweet little bundle of joy. 

I personally loved shopping for my maternity clothes.

essential maternity clothes for when you are pregnant

I felt so awkward in my pregnant body. Clothes that previously fit me now made me feel ugly. Trying on maternity clothes though made me feel more relaxed and beautiful. I especially loved a lot of maternity dresses. There were so many different options that made me ever-growing belly look great.

Don’t get me wrong. Not all maternity clothes make you feel beautiful. Some made you feel even worse about your body. But that is the same for all types of clothing.

Why should you invest in maternity clothes?

There is one big reason you should invest and that is everyone should wear clothes that fit them. Try wearing normal jeans when you really need that comfy spandex cloth. The zipper and button portion of normal jeans start to hurt after a while. And that trick with using a rubber band on the button will only work for so long. 

Or what about having a shirt that doesn’t ride up past your belly. I never thought about it until my belly grew large enough that my normal shirts made me feel frumpy. The maternity shirts were great in that they were long enough and fitted my form perfectly.

essential maternity clothes for when you are pregnant

Tips for Purchasing Maternity Clothes

  • Before purchasing maternity clothes online, do a trial run at a store (like Motherhood Maternity or Target). This will give you an idea of what size you are or what style you like to wear.
  • Don’t be afraid to purchase clothes online. You can always return them. The only time I wouldn’t do an online purchase is if you need that item right away.
  • Don’t be afraid to try a unique style. Those sometimes are the ones that make you feel the most beautiful.
  • Set up a budget of how much you want to spend at a time on your clothing. For me, I would wait for the store sales so that I could get the most out of my money.
  • Don’t be afraid to invest in maternity clothes. Whether this is going to be your only pregnancy or you plan to have more children, at least six of those months you will need maternity clothes. That’s a long time for a limited wardrobe. So invest in items that will both make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

The 5 Essential Maternity Clothes You Need During Your Pregnancy

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1. Maternity Jeans

These are a must. Jeans look good no matter what you are doing. Whether it is working in the garden or going out with the girls or even dressing for work. Check out this style with the secret belly band!

2. Maternity Dresses

There are a lot of varieties of maternity dresses. I had a couple that was great for any business meetings and then some that were perfect for a date night or casual gatherings. Plus the dresses are super comfortable. The best part is that at least half of the maternity dresses I purchased I was able to keep for postpartum wear. Here is one of my favorite styles!

3. Maternity Nightgown/Pajamas

Most of the pajamas/nightgowns that you will find in the maternity section are designed to breastfeed your baby easily. The nursing nightgowns were the perfect item to bring with me in my maternity hospital bag. I wore it pretty much the entire time I was there after giving birth. These are the styles that I wore for both of my pregnancies and they were great both times!

4. Maternity/Nursing Bras

I can’t state how important nursing/maternity bras are. You definitely want them before your baby is born and after if you decide to breastfeed. I would wait to around month 6 or 7 to see how your breasts have changed or for the moment your normal bras start to feel painful. From there go to a store like Motherhood Maternity, where an employee will measure you for the correct size bra you need. The bras are made to be big enough to hand your expanding chest (both breasts and rib cage). I tend to prefer to try on the bras in person, but Amazon has a lot of great options that are not as expensive. 

5. Long Sleeve Maternity Shirts

Now I state long sleeve specifically because they will work great for both the office and casual wear. Even in summer, they are a great option and I wore them during a Las Vegas summer where the temperature was between 105-115 degrees Fahrenheit. Check out this style of shirt that comes in a whole variety of colors!

The Essential Maternity Clothes You Need When Pregnant

Now here are some other maternity clothes that are great to have if you want them but aren’t essential.

Maternity bathrobe

I loved my maternity bathrobe, but I recognize that it definitely a want rather than a need. It was especially nice to have it while I was in the hospital. The reason I did like my maternity bathrobe was that it fit over my pregnant belly perfectly and it also hid my post-partum belly when family/friends came to visit. Here is a great option if you would like one.

Maternity t-shirts

For maternity t-shirts, I am mostly talking about basic patterns or solid colors. I am not including the specific holiday shirts. The t-shirts are great for the warmer months, but that is about it. They did not give me the professional enough look for my job, so I only wore them on the weekends. If you do decide to need to purchase some, because you are pregnant during the hottest part of the year, then I would recommend buying shirts that come in sets of 2 or 3. This is a great example of what you should look for.

Maternity leggings

You can wear normal leggings for a while, but eventually, your belly will get big enough that if you want leggings you will have to buy them from the maternity section. This ends up being a want rather than a need because I found my maternity jeans to be really comfortable and I wasn’t able to wear the leggings in a professional setting. But don’t let that stop you. If you want leggings then get some leggings. Here are some great leggings that come in a variety of colors.

Maternity dress pants

I bought a pair for my work, but I think I only used them maybe once during both pregnancies. It just isn’t worth it if you are not going to wear them. Plus they were not as comfortable as jeans. If your work requires the need for dress pants, check out these as an option.

Maternity tank tops

I never used the tank tops. I had about five of them as hand-me-downs, but they just didn’t work for me. Especially when my normal tanks tops did a great job. P;lus I think the amount you pay for them you would be able to find another top for a similar price. If though you decide these are a must for you, here is a great style that you can also try on in a Motherhood Maternity store.

Maternity swimsuit

If you are pregnant during the summer or like to swim a lot, that would be the only reason I would recommend getting a maternity swimsuit. Otherwise, just save yourself the money and spend it on something else. This is a cute style for those of you who want to go swimming.

What are the maternity items you don’t need to buy?

So there are a few that I would say to skip completely. Either because of the cost or they are not very pregnant body friendly.

Maternity jackets

The jackets I am talking about are a heavier winter jacket. These tend to cost between $80 and $150. That is a lot of money to spend on one item that is meant for a small period of your life. Instead, a great alternative is purchasing a poncho/cloak. These are a great alternative that also gives a look of elegance. Click the images below to see more of a variety on Amazon.

Rompers or jumpsuits

Personally, I found these outfits to either be difficult to get out of (think about how often you need to go to the bathroom) and I was unable to create a professional look to them. Plus I really did not like the way my body looked. They made me feel more awkward and bulky. Which is why they never made it past the changing room.

Holiday-themed shirts/outfits

These are so cute and I know how tempting they are, but the reality is that they are only wearable for a small period of time. When investing in a maternity wardrobe, the goal is to look into items that can be used in a variety of situations and throughout the time of your pregnancy. I recommend if you really want one, find the style or holiday you like best and just buy one.

essential maternity clothes for when you are pregnant

So there you have it. 

A list of all the essential maternity clothes you need for your pregnancy. Don’t start too late as I did with my first pregnancy. With my second pregnancy, I found out how nice it was to already have clothes for when my normal outfits started to not fit right. Invest your money in clothes that can go through a variety of situations. Like you start out the day ready for work and then can easily switch into something cozy for the evening. 

So treat yourself like the goddess you are and have a wardrobe that fits your beautiful body. What were your favorite maternity clothes that you liked to wear? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Happy Days ~ 

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