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I am sharing with you one of the most life-changing mom hacks I have ever discovered. Well, it was actually my husband who discovered it, but together we have perfected it. This great bottle hack is perfect and specifically made for the mom who formula feeds her baby! 

Both of my babies have been given formula since the first month they were born. Unfortunately for me, there were a lot of issues each time I tried to breastfeed my little ones that made formula a must. 

best bottle hack for formula fed babies

Truthfully though I am thankful that I was able to use formula.

It allowed me to keep both of my babies healthy and happy. With my first, I wasn’t producing enough and he was losing too much weight.

With my second, it was one of the most painful times of my life. I made it two months before I needed to call it quits. I would literally cry every time I needed to feed my baby.

So I don’t regret having to give me children formula and neither should you if you are a formula-feeding mama. It doesn’t matter the reason you are using formula. All that does matter is that your baby is healthy and happy.

Before I move onto this amazing hack, I want to take a quick moment to talk about mom-guilt and formula feeding your baby.

This is real and a lot of people make moms feel guilty about this choice without even realizing it. I know because I went through it.

Like I said before we had to give our first son formula. He was losing so much weight. More weight that two different doctors were comfortable with. 

When the first pediatrician told us we needed to supplement with formula, I was extremely hesitant. I remember feeling like I was doing a good job in the breastfeeding area of motherhood. My son was getting a good latch and he seemed to be feeding just fine.

But being told my son wasn’t getting enough milk made me feel like I was defective. Logically I knew I wasn’t, but at that point in time, I had no control of my emotions. Giving birth really does some crazy things to you, both mentally and physically.  So, it was really hard for me to understand that my body was just not producing enough. 

It also didn’t help that the culture in the hospital was all focused on pushing the mom the breastfeed. The staff won’t even offer formula unless you specifically request it. And you are not able to be discharged from the hospital until you have finished watching specific videos, which only encourage moms to breastfeed their babies.

They don’t discuss other options with you and this hurt my perception of formula.

Now I am not trying to say that you shouldn’t breastfeed.

In fact, breastfeeding was the only thing I planned to do originally. There were so many positives to it. It was natural and healthy for the baby. I also didn’t have to spend any money like I do formula. And I loved the idea of having that special bond.

So when my husband and I got to the point where we knew we were going to have to feed formula, we got our second wave of shaming. Both of our families said something like“are you sure?” and “you just need to give your milk some time to come in”. 

best bottle hack for formula fed babies

Now I know they were not saying it to be mean in any way, but at that time I was really emotionally vulnerable. Constantly receiving responses like this pushed me into another wave of mom-guilt. With this mom-guilt, I had never felt so ashamed of myself in my life. It made me feel like I was already failing as a mom right from the beginning.

But once we started supplementing with formula, it completely changed my whole perspective.

My little boy suddenly wasn’t so fussy anymore, he was sleeping so much better and the most important part was that he was gaining the weight he needed. I also started feeling better as a mom.

Seeing the change in my son had a HUGE impact on me. I went from feeling so much mom-guilt to feeling ready to fight the world if they thought to try to shame me for this choice.

To all you moms out there who either want to just formula feed from the get-go or need to supplement with formula for health reasons, I want you to know that you are an AWESOME MOM! 

Don’t let other’s ideas of what is right affect how you take care of your baby. As long as your baby is happy and healthy, then you are doing everything right.

Before I get to the best bottle hack do you know what the biggest challenge is to feed your baby formula?

The answer is time. The amount of time it takes to prepare the bottle and then get it warm enough for your baby to drink. Think about all that goes into making your baby a bottle. Not only do you have to heat up water so that it is hot enough to heat the prepared bottle, but then you have to wait for it to heat your bottle thoroughly.

All that time eventually adds up with you listening to your baby cry for what seems like forever.

For me, I personally hated listening to my baby’s cries. Especially when they were out of hunger. Logically I knew I was doing everything as quick as I could, but listening to my boy’s cry made time slow down for me.

So are you ready for the best bottle hack that will be the solution to this problem?

Well then here you go! Here is the most AMAZING hack when using formula.

best bottle hack

It’s simple but mind-blowing: heat some of the water that you will use for your baby in the microwave.

Okay…you are probably thinking what do you mean by that. Well by heating some of that water you use to make the bottle, you will have an instantly ready to eat a meal for your baby. No longer will you need to wait until the bottle is warm enough. That means no need to buy a bottle warmer (which is a waste of money in my opinion and takes up precious counter space). You also don’t need to heat the prepared bottle in a bowl of hot water. 

Instead, it will be perfectly ready for your baby to enjoy right away!

So for this mom hack, I recommend heating water in a microwave-safe cup for about two minutes. A glass measuring cup is preferable because you can actually measure the amount of water you need. Depending on how much water is in it you will need to heat it anywhere from 1-2 minutes.

For example, my son currently drinks a 10-ounce bottle. So half the bottle is room-temperature water and the other half is the water heated in the microwave.

Now you DON’T want to add all the hot water to the bottle. That is too hot! Adjust the ratio of hot water to room temperature water if you find it is too hot for your baby.

So here are the steps I take to making a bottle for my baby:

For this step by step guide, I will be writing as if I am making a 10-ounce bottle, which is the size he is currently drinking.

As you can see it is such a super simple process and cuts the bottle preparation time in half (or more). This hack has saved us from having to wait for the milk to get warm enough (because our son will only drink warm milk) and from having to listen to him cry for a long period while he is waiting for his bottle.

With this awesome formula hack there are two nifty ways you use this in two unique situations:

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1. Add hot water to a stainless steel BPA free water bottle for when you leave the house.

Whether you are running errands, seeing family/friends, or going out to eat having a bottle of hot water will make life much simpler. I can’t tell you how many times this has helped us avoid a screaming baby in the middle of the store. Here is the kind of water bottle we use.

This is the perfect style to use because it is small and easy to travel with (both long and short trips). When traveling by plane, make sure the water bottle is empty and then once you are past the security check-in, find a coffee shop and have then added hot water to it.

We did this when we flew this past Thanksgiving and made for a much happier trip.

2. Make night time feedings much easier by having everything you need to make a bottle right in your bedroom.

best bottle hack for formula fed babies

I don’t know about you, but feeding your baby at night can be a real hassle. Once they wake up for whatever reason, the goal is to do everything you can for a smooth transition back to sleep. For a lot of parents, that means feeding their babies at night.

While feeding your baby formula can help them sleep for longer periods, that doesn’t mean the nighttime feeds disappear.

When we discovered our amazing bottle hack, we very quickly decided this would solve a lot of problems at night. The sooner we were able to feed our son, the better chance we had of getting him back to sleep.

So use that stainless steel water bottle (the one I talked about for errands out of the house) and fill it up with hot water. Make sure to bring with you a bottle that is half-way filled with room temp water and a container with the correct amount of formula to add.

Then when your baby wakes at night, simply make the bottle in your bedroom. Now instead of going to the kitchen, making a bottle, heating water to warm the bottle in and then waiting for the bottle to be warm enough, you will have one ready for your baby in less than a minute.

I promise this will help with getting your baby back to sleep.

best bottle hack for formula fed babies

Well, there you have it The Best Bottle Hack for formula-fed babies.

My husband and I love that we discovered this hack, but it has changed everything (for the better) when making our baby a bottle. My favorite part is that I don’t have to listen to my baby cry for very long. My heart couldn’t stand to hear his cries and I love that we found a way to reduce them.

So awesome mamas…is there a bottle hack that you have that has made life so much easier? Click the button below to submit your favorite bottle hack and I will feature it in a future update!

Happy Days –

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