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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to check out my website, Blogging Through Life. My name is CaitieJ and if you can’t tell I am new to the blogging world.  I have always tossed around the idea of starting a blog, but it wasn’t even until recently that I said those words out loud. It felt like such a silly choice for me. Partly because I never thought of myself as a writer and also because I didn’t feel like anyone would want to hear what I had to say. Well in August 2019, I decided to stop listening to the doubtful voice inside me and take the big leap into becoming a blogger!

In the summer of 2019, I decided to take the leap and start a blog.

A little about me:

I am married to my rock and love of my life, AJ. Our first date was on Pie Day and every day has been better than the last. Sorry if this gets a little mushy. We have been together for over seven years and I still can’t get enough of this guy! We met while we were both working towards our geology degrees at UNR. Who knew rocks could bring people together.

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We have two little adorable monsters, Charles and Arthur, that are two-years-old and under. I’m sure all you mom’s feel this way, but I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such two amazing little boys. Being a mom is an exhausting and never-ending job (once again you moms know this), but it’s the best.

We live in the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada and are loving life. I am currently an environmental consultant, which means I help out my clients either being in compliance with environmental regulations or investigate to see if there is an environmental issue.

As a family, we love to get outside by either going for a walk, playing at the park, or hiking in the mountains. I think my son Charlie would go crazy if he didn’t get outside at least once a day. Come rain or sun, we are most likely outside at some point.

Now, why did I start a blog?

It was a really random Pinterest article that had started me thinking about a blog. Then for about a month after that, I dived into a ton of research. The more I looked into it, the more it called to me.

I also felt that I had something that I could write/talk about endlessly…my experience and journey as a mom. Becoming a mom was life-changing (as you all know). I wanted to share what I have learned with everyone.

For example, going back to work once I finished maternity leave with my first son was incredibly difficult. I would have panic attacks daily. It was so bad that before I even returned to work I was planning on quitting once my husband’s new insurance kicked in. But as I got back into the groove of things, I started to feel more and more comfortable with the decision to be a working mom. It also helped that my son’s daycare was about a 5-minute drive from my office, so I went to visit him almost daily that first month or so.

I write about so many aspects that are connected to motherhood.

As women, there are so many parts to us, even those who don’t have kids. Figuring out how to balance life can be both intense and amazing. In my blog, you will find awesome tips and tricks to raising kids…in particular a toddler and baby because that is what I have now. I also write about balancing/growing as a working mom and embracing all aspects of life.

Thank you for stopping by and joining me on this blogging journey. If there are any topics you want me to write about or you have a comment about one of my blog posts feel free to reach out to me (either by my email or comment directly to a post). I would love to hear from you.

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Happy Days –

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